In the Spotlight! Steve Sobalvarro, Teaching Artist

2021-01-20  |  By Meet the newest member of our ArtsMatter team, Steve Sobalvarro, Teaching Artist

Today we welcome with Steve, Teaching Artist for ArtsMatter at The LA Promise Fund.

Today we chat with Steve Sobalvarro, Teaching Artist for ArtsMatter at The LA Promise Fund.

I am a Media Artist and Teaching Artist who was born and raised in Los Angeles. I have worked for several companies, schools and non-profits throughout LA County during my career and I am incredibly passionate about serving my Los Angeles community through the power of Media Arts and Creativity. 

Why do you do this work? What do you love about it?  As a Second-Generation American youth growing up in the outskirts of Downtown LA, I lacked opportunity, support and mentorship relating to the Arts and Careers in the Arts. I had my first official Art class at the age of 16…I was heavily impacted by the experience and by the Teaching Artists. I hope I can impact my community in a similar manner- providing opportunities for self-discovery and joy through Creativity. 

What's one of your favorite memories during your work for the LA Promise Fund? I am a new member of the LA Promise Fund (ArtsMatter) team…I am excited to contribute to the organizations mission and create memories serving our community! 

When you were a teenager, what did you want to do in life? When I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to be an Artist…but was encouraged in my household not to pursue this path. Fortunately, I was able to receive guidance and encouragement through my Art Teachers at Plaza De La Raza and the LA County High School for the Arts.

If you could give your teenage self some advice, what would it be? I would advise my teenage self to tell my middle school self that everything will be fine.  


What are three fun facts about you?

  • I love iced coffee.  

  • I love Anime and Video Games. 

  • I collect Designer Art Toys and hope to create/produce my own one day with my 3D printer.

What artist(s) inspires you and why? I am inspired by SO many artists…I tend to be drawn to people that push boundaries in their content and chosen medium - ultimately contributing to the human spirit.  

What is the one thing you are sure to do when we are on the other side of this Pandemic?  I am looking forward to watching a movie in a theatre with my cousins, teaching and collaborating with my community in-person and traveling.