PST: LA/LA ​Teacher Projects

2018-10-01  |  By LA Promise Fund

Teachers participating in the PST: LA/LA Education Program for the second year in a row were challenged to take their learning from the first year to create a bigger impact through arts integration at their schools and with their partner teachers. 

After the closing of PST: LA/LA exhibits, ArtsMatter continued to provide programming to a cohort of 26 teacher grantees during the 2018-19 academic year.  After attending the training provided by LA Promise Fund, teachers were required to host their own professional development sessions at their schools where they introduced PST: LA/LA, arts integration strategies, and a project they undertook as a school community. 

​The projects they designed are available in detail below. Click through for examples of student work and to view more about student learning, teacher professional development, and school impact. 

Dive into detailed teacher projects here.