MAM Afterschool Program

Our afterschool program was designed to extend student learning from MAM in content areas and provide them with a community where they could add on to existing projects or create new ones.

MAM afterschool considers the impact distance learning has had on student achievement, subsequently focusing on self-expression and art making. Beginning with an analogue draft, students were asked to create their own album cover using Adobe Spark or the art supplies available to them. Each afterschool participant received an art kit that contained fancy art paper, pastels, carbon pencils and blending tools. While many artists used these materials, others applied what they had learned in the MAM Graphic Design unit to create their album cover. The unit culminated with a virtual pizza party and group reflection.

In the second session of afterschool, students used their training from the MAM Animation unit to create GIF's to express how they were feeling. With this an open ended prompt, The GIF making process was centered on using Adobe Spark and EZGIF.

During each unit, students are encouraged to attend afterschool consistently for 1 hour per week, for 8 weeks. Each week students focus on a new art making technique whether it be digital or analog.

Developed at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this program addresses Social/Emotional Learning needs while also supporting learning in English/Language Arts and Math for students in 6-12 grade.

This activity is funded in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.

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Student Artwork