Commercial Pitches

This unit focuses on the field of filmmaking. Focusing on the production of a commercial, students familiarize themselves with pre-filming processes and are encouraged to think strategically when planning their work while collaborating with their classmates. Deliverables include a commercial pitch shared with industry professionals during a live presentation, complete with a pitch deck.

Learning Objectives
  • Students will be able to utilize different types of camera movement to help them clearly communicate an idea.

  • Students will be able to choose different components of film production to create a unified pitch about a product.

  • Students will be able to perform specified roles within a film production team.

Media Arts Standards
  • Anchor Standard 4: Select, analyze, and interpret artistic work for presentation.

  • Anchor Standard 5: Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation.

  • Anchor Standard 6: Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.

Vocabulary/Key Concepts
  • Pitch

  • Treatment

  • Pan

  • Static

  • Zoom

Instructional Resources

  • Disciplines:
  • Film
  • Grade Levels:
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade
  • 9th Grade
  • 10th Grade
  • 11th Grade
  • 12th Grade